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Tackle Clutter & Get Restorganized Today!!

It took a long time for me to tackle the clutter, but now I feel Restorganized and ready to move mountains!! A few years ago, I decided I was done “packing” all the excess stuff in our home. I was a “born” packrat that could stash anything away in mere minutes. That was until I learned that “less is more.” That very lesson, changed my life forever! It took time, patience with myself as well as my family.

In order for me to change my way of thinking, it had to be done on my terms and couldn’t be forced. Our home didn’t go from the past pictures I’ve looked at to where it is now in a matter of minutes. As with any organizing project, it took time…lots of time!

Even through our home is organized, but still has the lived in look (definitely not magazine cover ready). The biggest hurdle in our lives has been the garage. It is for lack of a better word…the eye soar in the home. This is partially because 90% of it is not mine and I don’t want to get rid of something that my husband holds near and dear to his heart. It’s tools, bar stuff (yes we had a bar in our garage to hang out with friends at one point), auto stuff and now it also houses our pantry.

When winter (our whole 10 days of cold) came this year, I wanted desperately to get my car in the garage. I have dreamed of the day that my car would have a home besides being outside in the driveway. So while my husband was out of town recently, my dad and I got out in the garage and did a massive overhaul. And by massive I mean MASSIVE…moving his work station around, the pantry was overhauled, we even set up a “laundry room” just for me. The works! All in all it came together enough that we were able to get the car in the garage. YAY!!

That definitely was a huge accomplishment and some serious progress on our part…BUT

There was just one HUGE problem…we kind of just moved the mess from one side of the garage to the other.

I know…that was wrong on many levels. :(

The Garage Disaster…Act like you didn’t see this photo please! :)

garage disaster

Fast forward a couple weeks after tackling that project and the garage organization went to total disarray again. WHY?!?! This happens every time. It never fails.

This is where Judson with Restorganize came in and joined the party. While Restorganize specializes in garage organization, as well as attic and storage organization; Judson is also a certified professional organizer that can help get your entire home organized. He really knows his stuff! Judson takes a unique approach to categorizing what you have while working along side you to clear out the clutter.

In a recent blog post by Restorganize, Judson lists 10 Steps to Getting Organized in 5 Minutes. Yes you read that right! 5 Minutes!! Sounds amazing right!?! These 10 steps are key for any organizing project you are tackling at home so definitely take note of them and put them to good use!

It’s not all laughter and “go getter,” but clearing out the clutter while categorizing what your keeping is key. Removing everything from your space and separating it into piles played a huge role in the success of our story. And after working with Judson for 4 hours, the results were in. We don’t have the proper organization products for what we have in our garage. Why didn’t I think of that? Silly me!

Now, there is still some work that needs to be done, but I have the tips and recommendations from Judson to move mountains and finish our garage so it stays clean and organized.

The Garage Progress…Still some work to be done, but you are welcome to look at this picture! ;)

garage progress

While I get back to work on finishing up the overhaul of our garage, check out Restorganize and see how Judson can help you get your organizing plans off on the right foot as we trek through 2013!


This review and giveaway are sponsored by Restorganize. I received the same walk-through as mentioned above as well as 4 hour one on one consult to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

This post may contain affiliate links. You can read more about this in my disclosure policy.

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