Home Lighting Makeover: Our Drab to Fab Living Room!

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living room makeover

Home Lighting Makeover: Our Drab to Fab Living Room!

For almost 8 LONG years, I have been waiting for the day that I could say “let there be light” in our living room.  Over the weekend, I had that opportunity and I’m over the moon excited about it!  Now, every time I walk into our living room, it’s like a blessing in disguise.   Then again it could be the simple fact that I can actually see what is going on in that room, but hey if it works…I’m ok with that!

When our home was built in 1976, I’m guessing the home builder didn’t believe in lighting the living space of the home.  Did they think we didn’t want to see each other in there?  I guess it was just that era when lighting didn’t matter as much.  Either way, the fact is…we bought this house without lighting and a hope of making this house a home where we could raise our boys into little men.  That’s a scary thought! ;)

lights needed

Since our home purchase in 2005, my husband and I have been discussing how we can makeover the lighting issues that have loomed over our living room.  The room has been overly dark, dreary and eerily uninviting, but we still have managed make it work.  We knew something had to be done, but we didn’t have the slightest clue how we were going to make it happen so we added two side table lamps next to the couch and called it a day.  At least we had something, right?

Fast forward about 5 years and a kitchen remodel later…we still didn’t have any additional lighting in our space, but we had made one small effort to make it happen.  As we took down the wood paneling from the expansion in the kitchen down and added new sheetrock in our living room, we fished a wire into the attic with hopes of “one day” being able to hook up a light and ceiling fan into our living space.  That “one day” was this weekend!  We made it happen even if it took us a while to get it done.

online searching

We wanted to make sure we picked the perfect ceiling fan for our living room so our first step was to look online to see what options we had to work with.  Walmart has always had reasonably priced ceiling fans so we had pretty much narrowed down our search to look there.  We knew what we were looking for and we had a serious budget to stick to.  If I can remodel my kitchen for under $1000…I can make sure our new lighting stays well within a budget of $75.

brighten your home

With a little compromise between my husband and I…we made it happen! We found the perfect fixture for our space and knew we couldn’t go wrong with GE lighting products.  GE products have always been one of our most trusted brands so when we saw the new GE Reveal light bulbs…we were sure to take our dull and gloomy space to a place it has never been before.

A space with clean beautiful lighting!

Before & After

Before we could get started on installing the new ceiling fan, we had to drill a hole in our ceiling and fish the wire from the attic through the hole so we could get everything hooked up before doing any of the actual electrical work.  Since I was the only one out of us that could manage to get to that side of the attic in our house, it was my job to make it happen.  We fished a wire hanger with a flag on the end so I could find it easily and off to work I…kinda felt like “Super Electrical Woman!” (without a cape) With my dads help, I climbed into the attic and he walked me through the whole process while I made sure not to fall through the ceiling. I found the flag we had fished up earlier and viola…we had everything we needed to start the process of putting the new ceiling fan up.

electrical woman

After following the directions in the box, our ceiling fan was hung and it looked awesome, but there was one little problem…the electrical had not been hooked up yet.  So with a little searching, we found the switch in our breaker box and turned off the power to that section of the house and started hooking up the electrical wires.

GE Reveal Light Bulbs

After matching the colored wires together and making the connections were secure, we flipped the breaker switch back on. My husband installed our GE Reveal light bulbs and then we pulled the switch and to our surprise…we had light!  It was exciting to see the lights come on and has also been deemed as one of my most exhilarating feelings because I helped to hook it up.

Homeownership is not about doing everything all at once…it’s a process that takes progression.  We have been taking on the process for the last eight years and I couldn’t be happier with the progress we have made even though we don’t know what we are doing half the time! That’s just the joy in finding ways to make it work.

Now that we have actually put a little light on the subject, it’s amazing how much we have been missing all these years!

Disclaimer: If you don’t have the slightest amount of knowledge when it comes to electrical work, please consult a certified electrician.

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