Gradsense: Helping Students Set Goals & Plan Financially

This post is sponsored by Gradsense, a novel online tool designed to help students plan financially. All opinions are 100% my own.

When you are little you have dreams about being a firefighter, police officer, ballerina or maybe even a magician. What we don’t think about when we are little is how we will get to do our dream job or even the cost associated with it. Or better yet, how much we will make doing our dream job.

For me, I wanted to be a lawyer or a veterinarian. Looking back on my dreams as a little girl and my dreams now, I know I would not be as happy as I am today if I would have pursued my little girl dreams. Neither of those jobs are for me…I love writing a story too much! :)

My Boys

Now that I have 2 boys of my own, their goals, dreams and education are important to me. So important that I often pull them in separately to discuss their grades and how I can help them improve in the education. My oldest son has ADHD so he struggles. It breaks my heart to see him struggle, but all we can do is go with it and hope for the best. Because of his struggles in school, we are always discussing his goals for the future. We figure discussing what he wants to be when he grows up will help him step a goal for himself and stay focused to achieve it.


Gradsense: Helping Students Set Goals and Plan Financially

At 13, we do not have many more years left before he will be heading off to college. This past weekend, we had our (what seems like a weekly happening) discussion and checked out a new website I found. It’s called Gradsense.

About Gradsense:

Gradsense is a novel online tool designed to help students plan financially for their education and future careers.

With student debt at historically high levels, students have a limited number of resources for assessing the investment they will be making in an advanced degree. To fill this knowledge gap, the Council of Graduate Schools collaborated with leading financial services provider TIAA-CREF to design and develop GradSense, which features a Debt to Salary calculator, among other tools.

Gradsense ROI

Gradsense is a new way to tackle student debt and see which career field will actually return on the investment of your education. Sitting down with my son and going through the website was truly an eye opening experience for both of us.  He originally thought he wanted to be a correctional officer to follow in the footsteps of his fathers dreams, but seeing that the return on his investment would be so low, his goals are shifting some.  Now he is shifting towards the Detective and Criminal Investigator side of law enforcement.

The return on investment (ROI) is the key when you are planning a higher education. Explaining ROI to a child was actually easier than I thought. My best explanation to my son was simple.

You wouldn’t want to spend $30,000 on education and find out after the fact that the degree you have chosen has a gross of $45,000 on the high end of the spectrum.

Explaining this one factor to my son was key in helping him choose a goal to look forward to. It clicked for him! He explains his thoughts on Gradsense below.

“I want to go to college. I want to succeed and make my parents proud of me. Going through Gradsense with my mom was really simple and easy to use. I was happy to see what jobs are out there and also set a goal for myself.”


Visit Gradsense to learn more about how you can help your student set goals and plan financially.  You can also find Gradsense on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you know what your degree might be worth?

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