Creating Family Memories and Meals Together with Silver Spur Smoked Chicken

silver spur smoked whole chicken

Creating Family Memories and Meals Together with Silver Spur Smoked Chicken

BBQ in Texas is a year round thing!  No rain…fire up the pit!  We don’t need an excuse to have the sweet smell of barbecue in our backyards!  The smell lingers through the neighborhood and the kids are giddy with joy just thinking about what’s on the grill…asking at least 5 times…what’s for dinner tonight?  What can I say?  They love their barbecue!

As a little girl, I still remember the smokey smell of my dads handmade smoker/BBQ pit.  The smell billowed through the neighborhood and everyone knew our family was having the best brisket and chicken in town.  I’m surprised we didn’t have a line at the door with people begging for food!  His chicken and brisket were slow grilled and smoked to perfection all the way to their core.  While my dads grill is still around, we use a more conventional gas grill that cooks faster. We use my dads pit when we have all day to spare on grilling outdoors.

BBQ Whole Chicken

To recreate the many memories I had as a little girl, we try our hardest to enjoy all our meals together as a family.  My parents live right next door which means many family meals are spent with them while creating new memories for my boys to remember (just as I do to this day).   There is just one difference…life has gotten busier and time is not always on our side.  For days like this, I look for products that help me save time in the kitchen and also allow me the ability to create a meal in a dash.  The new Silver Spur Smoked Whole Chicken is perfect for both of these reasons.

Not only can we enjoy a family meal built around one of my families favorite past times, but Silver Spur Smoked Whole Chicken also lets me create a meal in a hurry!

BBQ Chicken Baked Potatoes

With Spring Break officially in full swing at our house now, I’m all about fixing meals that almost cook themselves so I can hang out with the kids and create as many memories as possible.  Last night was no exception and BBQ was on the menu, but it was also a “dinner in a hurry” kind of night!  I fired up the pit to reheat our Silver Spur Smoked Chicken, popped a few baked potatoes in the oven and whipped up my dads family BBQ recipe and let dinner cook itself!  In no time, I had the perfect food pairing for the whole family to enjoy…a delicious BBQ Chicken Baked Potato!

I was amazed at how juicy and flavorful the precooked Silver Spur Chicken tasted.  It has a wonderful smoked flavor and tastes like it has been basting in the smoker for hours when in all actuality it has only been 30 minutes to the perfectly smoked chicken…that’s definitely a bonus for me!!

meals together

Within an hour, dinner was done and we were creating a family meal memory together with friends!  And that my friends is how we take our families BBQ tradition and put a happy twist on it!  :)

Be sure to stop by your local Sam’s Club and try Silver Spur Smoked Whole Chicken for yourself.  There will be in-store demos today (Saturday, March 9, 2013) between 2 pm and 4 pm at most store locations.  This product is definitely worth its weight in gold and absolutely delicious!  Check it out and let me know what you think!!

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